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Moonscapes Of May 2018

Always a joy catching up with the Moon. Enjoy!


Full Moon setting over Berchtesgadener Alpen, with the Kehlsteinhaus to the far right, Rossfeld, Upper Bavaria, Germany, 05/01/2018…


Crescent Moon rising @ Pürkwanger Kirche, Lower Bavaria, Germany, 05/13/2018…


Crescent Moon and Venus over the hopfields of the Hallertau, Lower Bavaria, Germany, 05/18/2018…


Moon and Venus at the end of nautical twilight, 05/18/2018


Moon over Chiemsee and Kampenwand in the distance, Chiemsee, Upper Bavaria, Germany, 05/21/2018…


Enjoying a day out @ Chiemsee, Upper Bavaria, Germany, 05/21/2018…



Conjunction Of Crescent Moon, Venus & Mars, 20.02.2015

Conjunction of the Crescent Moon, Venus (left) and Mars (top left), 20.02.2015. The sky cleared up just in time to witness this celestial spectacle, after almost ten days of fog due to the typical wintry inversion weather. The image shows the church of St.Andreas of my hometown Pürkwang, Lower Bavaria, Germany, which was built 1462 with its 46 m high bell-tower. The  scene is taken of seven vertical images at nautical twilight , stitched using Hugin, stars done with Gimp and doing some adjustments with Lightroom. Click on the image to go full-screen (2560 px). Enjoy!





One of my images I shot on the 23rd April is on display at  http://news.astronomie.info/ai.php/90000  today; it´s proably the best and most informative source for astronomy in the German-speaking area. There is also an english version available from the same people who run astronomie.info. Tons of info from  about everything on astronomy at http://www.calsky.com/cs.cgi?&lang=en  . Check it out. Enjoy!

Venus above St.Andreas cathedral;  the crescent Moon (right of tower) is almost soaked-in in clouds while the constellation of Auriga is visible above Venus; the constellation of Gemini is partly visible at the upper left corner; 04/23/2012

Moon Trail

Besides shooting  star trail images, I like most taking Moon trails, especially with a longer focal length and an interesting landmark. In this case it´s the late-gothic church of Pürkwang/Lower Bavaria/Germany,  from the year 1462, a massive building with a 46 meter high bell tower made of bricks . I´ve been up there inside a couple of times and even one time on top from the outside while the tower has been completely  scaffolded way back in 1988.

Creating a Moon trail isn´t actually that difficult; doing a bit of research via TPE, The Photographers Ephemeris, camera setting onto manual and stacking the image with software like StarStax. The only thing you can´t take control of is the weather; some high clouds have been around yesterday night and also some thick low-lying clouds at the horizon. That affected the different look of the single crescent Moon shots. In this image, I added a preset in Lightroom 3, which you can download for free from “Lightroom guru” Matt Kloskowski: http://lightroomkillertips.com/category/presets/. Way cool! Enjoy!

Composite image of eight single shots, with an interval of 4 min. each; lucky enough I got the fourth shot centered of the spire….04/23/2012

“Contrast is what makes photography interesting.”

(Conrad Hall, American Artist, 1926-2003)