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Moonscapes – Recently Taken

A random collection of Moonscapes, taken the last couple of days. Enjoy!



Immersion of The Lib, SAO 159563 (Close double star), 4.1mag, Position angle=136.7°, Azimuth az=234.1°, Altitude h=5.9°, RA=15h54.7m  Dec=-16°46.3′, Moon phase=50.8%, Sun elevation hsun=-20.2° (dark limb)…   www.calsky.com



Air-Liner & gibbous Moon…



Sunflowers & Moon, the day before Full Moon, 28.08.2015…



Rising Full Moon & Church, Lower Bavaria, 29.08.2015…



Rising Full Moon close to the weathercock…



Full Moon, Focal Length 2000 mm, (Full Frame on 8″ telescope)…



Cloud patterns covering the Full Moon later that night…



Rising Moon (the night after Full Moon) behind the brewery sign of Hornecker Brewery, Lower Bavaria…



Setting Moon @ Wieser Kreuz, Weltenburger Enge Nature Reserve, Lower Bavaria, 02.09.2015…



Good Friday´s Full Moon, 03.04.2015

Easter (Sunday) has come to be the first Sunday after the first Full Moon in spring time. Since we got a fierce storm with hail, sleet and gale force winds for the last couple of days, the sky just opened up for the Full Moon to rise on Good Friday. Though the “real” Full Moon will happen on Easter Saturday, it is better to photograph the Full Moon a day prior to the calculated Full Moon;  the contrasts are not that much difficult to handle (and it is raining again anyway today…). Images are taken on the fields of my family, were I grew up. Happy Easter!



Wide angle view (35mm)…after a couple of minutes, the Moon has been swallowed by clouds…



Four-verts-pano (400mm), along with my favorite oak-tree, just a stroll behind my parents farm…



Making of…


The Moon & Occultation Of A Star

Due to the unexpected cloudless weather on the 11th and 12th Feb. this week, I pulled out my 8″ Meade telescope, which I had not in use since June last year. When I moved from Landshut to Bad Abbach almost two weeks ago, I got a porch to the south, from where I can follow the planets from east to west along the ecliptic. Even better, an occultation of a 3.6 mag bright star of the constellation of Gemini were scheduled for Tuesday. After I had sent that image to http://astronomie.info , I got notice from Arnold Barmettler, who runs the site, that from my site it has been a “touching” occultation, which means that the star is drifting along the Terminator for some time, which is very rare throughout the year. Unfortunately, I only could  watch the beginning, because draining out of battery power at night. But it has been great looking through the eyepiece again after such a long abstinence. Full Moon will be tomorrow, 14th…Happy Valentine´s Day! Enjoy!



Meade 8″ & Baader Hyperion Zoom, full size, no crop, 02/11/2014, HIP 35350 constellation of Gemini, 3.6.mag…



Meade 8″ & 5DIII, full size, no crop, HIP 35350 at the bottom right…



Almost Full Moon, 02/12/2014…



Moon above Hl.Geist Spittal, Landshut, 02/11/2014…


The Smallest Full Moon…

…since more than 1000 years, is visible tonight, because of its farthest distance to the earth. And there won’t be a further away Full Moon until the year 2154! Photographing the Full Moon can be tricky, because of the high range of contrasts. Mostly I take images of the Full Moon a day prior to the “real” Full Moon, when there is still some twilight left, even then, there is a lot of contrast to handle. I got this image on the most popular German-speaking astronomy site ( http://news.astronomie.info/ai.php/bulletin/90000 ) today and I got a lot of response towards it. Also featuring – Jupiter (top left), while the terrestrial counterpart is the nuclear power plant of Niederaichbach, close to Landshut, the capital town of Lower Bavaria.

Like the Moon can´t shine without the sun, your eyes can´t sparkle without your inner light. 

This is what Hatha-Yoga is all about…”Ha” is the sun, “Tha” is the Moon. Your self can´t shine without the light within. Just saying…Enjoy!



Full Moon & Jupiter, 15th Jan. 2014…


The Moon Is Not All

If you going out on a  “private assignment”, like you are traveling somewhere in case of shooting something you have in mind or while being on a time schedule, you are likely to miss something what is even more interesting or spectacular. I myself have been on the “hunt” for this years Perigee Moon for four days and only got a decent view on him once. To be honest, I´ve been to fixed on the Moon and almost overlooked the beauty that´s been all around while the Moon did not show up.

But only almost; I´ve heard that quote a couple of  times: Turn around, look what is behind you!   Just a reminder on what you could miss if you are fixed to just one direction. Like Dewitt Jones said:  Be open to the possibilities!


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My Perigee Moon

There has been some sort of hype lately on the internet about this years perigee moon. To be honest, I was infected too. The moon got its closest point to earth in its orbit on May 6th in the morning – but then we were supposed to have rain. So I took my gear on Friday and started taking images of the almost full moon, just in case  for ” I have what I have”. On Saturday I went to the Munich Airport in hope to get some cool shots of the rising full moon during twilight, but its been pretty cloudy at the estimated moon rise time. Of course, I managed to shoot  some other really pretty cool shots which I´ll show in another post.  Did I mention that it is the best time for shooting the full moon the day before “real full moon”? Because on full moon´s day its to dark already and on the day before you get a nice “twilight background”.

There was no chance of getting the full moon on Sunday, but I still had that image in my head of the perigee moon rising behind the Munich Airport. And guess what, it cleared up on Monday, I checked TPE, packed my stuff and was off again, just in time before the moon rise at 10:36 pm. Just minutes after I had hurried up my gear, I got visited by the cops, who were just curious what I´m doing here, close to the airport, at nights, dressed in black and with all that gear. They were pretty friendly – cool back-up. Minutes later, the moon rose, and the race started, running back and force, searching for the best views and angles. I´ve spent so many hours out there the last couple of days and shot a couple of hundred images, but the only one I´m showing today sums everything up, I think! For me, photography, and especially doing it at nights, got something  I really can´t explain – some kind of magic. Enjoy!

“The still 98% illuminated perigee moon rises above the Munich Airport, Germany, 7th May 2012, the day after ´Super Full Moon`.”

The foreground is a in-camera HDR shot (jpg), while the Moon is a single Raw image, converted in LR 3 and stacked together in StarStax.

A Loadful Of Colors Around The Hop Fields

After a very rainy morning, the sky finally cleared in the afternoon-no clouds left at all for perfect twilight shooting! Passing an area where I´ve been before often, I have found a new spot along that area for taking these images in perfect conditions. Colors got through all the pastel tones during dusk and twilight. Do you know that feeling when you can keep firing for an hour or so and get some kind of neurotic not to miss one single perspective during that?! when the conditions (motive,light, colors) are just perfect?! And in the end, when the twilight was gone, the full moon rose behind me. Life´s great! Enjoy!









“A new world is emerging before our eyes. At the same time, the unsustainable world of the past struggles to continue. Both worlds reflect the beliefs that made them possible. Both worlds still exist – but only for now.”

(from Gregg Braden´s new book: “Deep Truth”)