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Conjunction Of Crescent Moon, Venus & Mars, 20.02.2015

Conjunction of the Crescent Moon, Venus (left) and Mars (top left), 20.02.2015. The sky cleared up just in time to witness this celestial spectacle, after almost ten days of fog due to the typical wintry inversion weather. The image shows the church of St.Andreas of my hometown Pürkwang, Lower Bavaria, Germany, which was built 1462 with its 46 m high bell-tower. The  scene is taken of seven vertical images at nautical twilight , stitched using Hugin, stars done with Gimp and doing some adjustments with Lightroom. Click on the image to go full-screen (2560 px). Enjoy!





Conjunction Of Moon & Venus

On 27th Nov., the last Sunday before Advent commemorating the dead, there was a conjunction of the 8 % illuminated Moon (or 58 hours after new moon) and the 89 % illuminated Venus. By looking at moon, it´s seeming size is roughly 0,5° in diameter (as same as the sun), and the separation of Moon and Venus on this evening has been some 7°. Fortunately, we had mostly clear skies for this event which doesn´t happen to often. The view in these images goes toward southwest during the civilian twilight and Venus is only visible (at that time of the year) around  4:45 pm to 6:00 pm. The crescent of the moon is illuminated by the sun while the other part is lit by the reflected light of the earth, the so-called earthshine. There will also be a total eclipse of the moon on the 10th Dec. Stay tuned and… Enjoy!


Venus: about 5 o´clock from moon


Moon and Venus: looking southwest


Moon and Venus at civilian twilight


Moon and Venus outshined by crepuscular rays


Aligned planets along the ecliptic


What a celestial sight…


A closer look at those two…


Moon and Venus around the constellation of Sagittarius


58 hours after new moon…


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