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Comet Neowise: Stacked Image

Stacking a set of comet frames can become a real pain, since the outer solar visitor travels much faster than the stars (not exactly right, because the stars don`t move, but it looks like that because of the rotation of the Earth). So if you stack a set of frames, you either limit your set to a maximum of about 10 min. of total exposure time (before the comet starts blurring), or you use all of your frames and stack one for the stars and one for the comet, and combine them. This option didn`t work out for me this time, so I stacked 10 frames (out of 35), 60 sec. each. One can`t believe, how much more information a stacked image got. I`m using Pixinsight, a processing platform specialized in astrophotography. It got a steep learning curve, to say the least; because of that, I`m more than happy with the outcome. Enjoy!


Single shot from that set, 60 sec., 200mm/2.8, full frame, Polarie, LR only…


Stacked image, 10 x 60 sec., 200mm/2.8, Polarie, PixInsight, Viveza, LR, Stilfser Joch, South Tyrol, 07/19/2020…


The Joy Of Editing Thousands Of Images

Yeap! You may think I´m right out of my mind! Editing over 5000 images from a journey 8 months ago is no fun at all, you may reckon…this guy is nuts! (could be true sometimes-but not this time; camping at minus 33°C is…)! Having the proper software for this action-which is Adobe´s Lightroom 3-makes everything a lot easier. Waiting that long to edit these images is a bit of laziness, but by looking at them now, I´ve a somehow different view on them. It makes it much easier to sort the good ones out and to delete the others permanently. From the 5000 images I´ll keep about 1200 and from that charge I´ll put some 450 on my stock site. From those I´ll choose some 90-100 photos which I think they are really good for a further distribution, like posters, calendars or prints. The best 5-12 will go to my portfolio.

So were´s the joy of editing thousands of images?! I´ll show you two images I´vent even considered them to be “keepers”. I even made a black and white conversion of the “Maligne Lake at -30°C” image; though I´m not very much into B&W, but this one cries for that. The second one is “Crow at Mt. Robson PP”; I really love the texture and gesture of that bird a lot. That´s where “joy” comes into play; flipping through the images and finding such gems you have never considered of  is really fascinating and satisfying. The “Italy” batch will be next! Enjoy


 Sunset at Maligne Lake, Jasper NP, Alberta, Canada, 1.Febr.2011, -30°C



Crow at Mt.Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada, 2.Febr. 2011


“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”  (Ernst Haas, Austrian/US photographer, 1921-1986)