Chasing Comet Neowise, July 18th-21st

I got two days off from work so I packed my stuff and went to South Tyrol, Switzerland and Italy on Saturday, to travel to some high alpine passes I always wanted to see but haven´t been able to in the past. Stilfser Joch, Umbrail Pass and Gavia Pass were the chosen ones, all of them ranking between 2500 – 2800 m. The first night was a blast; the sky cleared up and comet Neowise was easily visible to the northwest, while the Milkyway was towering in the south. Around 4:00 am, the last crescent Moon before New Moon rose to the east, with Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter wandering along the ecliptic. The impressions of those nights are almost not bearable, and since I´m traveling on my own, there is no one to talk to about feelings and emotions. Very intense nights. From crystal clear skies to sheet lightning, I got it all, not to forget the stunning scenery during day time. So here are just my favorite comet images from those three nights and hopefully I will be able to process/stack a set of single frames of Neowise from the first night. Enjoy!


The sky cleared up on the first night, Stilfser Joch, 2757m, South Tyrol…


Comet gazing…


Colorful comet Neowise…


What a beauty, 81 sec., 200 mm, Polarie…


Neowise to the left, Venus, Hyades and Pleiades to the right…


Fading away during nautical twilight…


Lots of airglow around on the second night, Umbrail Pass, 2501 m, Switzerland…


Neowise hiding behing 3000 m mountains, just showing its tail, surrounded by airglow, Gavia Pass, 2621 m, Italy…


but finally showed up during nautical twilight, making one last impression…


4 thoughts on “Chasing Comet Neowise, July 18th-21st

  1. Sreejith Nair

    Wow… some of the best shots I have seen of Neowise !!!

    Thank you so much for sharing and I really appreciate the effort behind these incredible images.

    With Monsoon clouds covering the skies round the clock, I am still not lucky to spot Neowise from Kerala.


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