Creating My First Photo Book

My long-awaited wish finally came true last week – creating my first photo book, using Saal-Digital ( for printing. I don´t get sponsored by this company, but making the book with their software was an easy one and the quality and service of it is superb. It is much easier than handling Blurb´s BookWright, not to speak of the integrated Blurb module in Lightroom (LR is great, but the book module is not). My first photo book is about my home, the Holledau, the largest continious hop planting area of the world, right here in Lower Bavaria, Germany. So, here is my workflow, using Lightroom and Saal Design Software:

1. Put the images you want for your book in a new folder in LR

2. Calibrate your monitor (if you haven´t done that already…)

3. Edit your the images in LR

4. Download the ICC-profile for the photo paper you want your images to be printed on

5. Install the ICC-profile into LR and use  “soft proof” in LR to adjust the images to the selected paper

6. Export the selected images to a new folder on your desktop

7. Open Saal Design Software, open the folder with your images and let the fun start…

There are heaps of tutorials on youtube, concerning soft proofing in general, and there are also some of Saal Digital itself, getting you ready for doing your first-ever photo book. Enjoy, but be aware, it might get you addicted!





















2 thoughts on “Creating My First Photo Book

  1. Thomas Boehm

    Lieber Werner,

    Habe heute wirklich an dich gedacht weil ich einen ´Stern` übern Everest eingefügt habe ( mit Gimp) !!! war mein erster Versuch !!!

    2020 geht es wieder hinauf. Schni schna schnu, worauf wartest Du ?

    Wäre für Dich M E G A !!!!!

    Thomas !


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