The Final Post

After almost five years of posting to this blog, this will be my last one. I got/building up a new homepage, where you can find tons of images within multiple galleries. There also will be a section called “NEUES” (News), but only in German from thereon. Thanks to everyone for stepping by, liking, commenting and making this blog so special to me.



Todays autumnal glory or waiting for the unicorn…



4 thoughts on “The Final Post

  1. Paul Nienhaus

    I really enjoyed your film. I’m age 59, from Detroit, MI USA, and have been a life time student of the greatest battle in history at Stalingrad. Your film in a very sensitive way highlighted the carnage, ferocity, and the deep scars clearly visible, even today in modern Volgograd. I was touched by the monuments, especially the German ones to their many fallen also. It truly was, I believe, an incredible victory for the Red Army. I also feel though that their was an awful lot of courage and heroism on the German side. They went up against a formidable opponent who knew a lot more about street fighting than the Germans dids. I think your film says in a soft way that here at this place, beside the Volga, a great tragedy took place with a monumental loss of young lives including many brave and courageous soldaten from BOTH sides in a titanic struggle. Well done Werner. If you care to share your thoughts on this< I would enjoy reading them. Thanks
    Paul Nienhaus

    1. Werner Priller Post author

      Thanks for your thoughts, Paul. I just got back from a week traveling Slowenia and visiting a lots of places from WW I – the Isonzo Battles…
      A German documentary says:”Once in a lifetime, everyone should visit Volgograd, to see what war is all about.” To me, that sums up everything…I also did some posts about my travel to Volgograd in 2012 and my unsuccessful attempt to travel there by car in 2010…
      Greetings to Detroit (been there in 1992…)

  2. Paul Nienhaus

    Greetings to you Werner. Thank you for that swift reply. Although, I’m guessing, your career/hobby of photo journalism keeps you quite busy, I envy you for being able to travel and make a living while pursuing photography which I’m sure is also a hobby of yours. Visiting all those famous and infamous places throughout Europe, so many places I’ve only studied about from a far, how wonderful.. I am looking forward to part 2 of the Volgograd story. It really is remarkable, I think, that your journey coincided almost to the day, 70 years later, of your uncles death. Being a military historian, it’s my guess that, most likely, he was lost during the assault on the factory district, in the northern part of Stalingrad, possibly the infamou s Tractor Factory, based on the date of Oct. 16th 1942. He may have been a part of the 389th Infantry Division which made the assault. I only can imagine what he experienced. One of our most famous and beloved generals form our Civil War, Gen. Robert E. Lee once said ” it is good that war is so terrible lest we grow to fond of it”. I agree with the German documentary and would like very much to pay a visit to the site of that horrendous battle. Thanks again Werner.


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