Conjunction Of Moon & Venus, 20./21.04.2015

Some impressions of the recent conjunction of the crescent Moon and Venus. It is always helpful to know your places/where to go to and revisit them from time to time – even better with some long-awaited/longed for – high-pressure weather. Even spotted an eagle owl and lots of bats cruising around twilight. Enjoy!



Crescent Moon, Venus and Aldebaran (center left)…



Spikes added to make the faint stars during nautical twilight more visible; the Hyades with Aldebaran to the left, the Pleiades to the right…



Seven-verts-pano, feat. Crescent Moon & Venus @ nautical twilight…



Swirling light tracks above the water, caused by lit bat eyes…



At the lake…



Crescent Moon close to Aldebaran, Venus right above @ the Munich TV tower…



Five-horizontal-pano @ the beginning of astronomical twilight…



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