Back On Track

An almost 3-year long crusade of disorientation has finally came to an end. Just before X-mas 2014, I moved back to the area where I grew up, just a stones throw away from my parental home. I love traveling, but I also love being at home, doing some craft work (joiner) again and carrying for my children. I don´t have to run anymore, looking for something on the outside. If things are supposed to be, they will be. The key to happiness? Be thankful for what you already have…Here are some images from my new and yet so familiar playground. I love it being back home – back on track. And yes – I´m addicted to the Moon… Enjoy!



The first Crescent Moon after New Moon setting beneath the church where I was baptized…



Venus to the left, Crescent Moon to the right, while Mercury is hiding behind the bell tower; notice the hare to the lower left…



Half Moon above the hop fields of the Hallertau…



Graphics everywhere…






Crescent Moon and Venus setting at nautical twilight…



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