Mars Over Misurina, South Tyrol

This is my favorite image from my latest journey to the Dolomites, South Tyrol. A 24-hours, day-to-day trip, driving a total of 900 km, just to photograph the first Crescent Moon after New Moon over the Dolomites. The weather forecast looked promising, but arriving at the Tre Cime parking lot above Misurina, storm clouds were still rolling in and out and the thin Crescent Moon got sucked away by them. Later that night, it cleared up and in the morning, a starry sky showed up. The Dolomites never disappoint, and the views are otherworldly. Can´t wait to get back before the high alpine roads are closed for the winter. Enjoy!



Planet Mars over Misurina @ the Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy. Ten vertical images stitches via Hugin, showing the Gruppo dei Cardei to the left, the Milky Way, Mars and the Monte Cristallo Range, home of Silvester Stallone´s classic “Cliffhanger”…08:42pm/26.09.2014


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