Traveling Austria Is Always Rewarding

Here are some impressions from my last weeks spontaneously sojourn to Austria. Starting on Sunday evening, I stop by almost every time while traveling south at one of my favorite places/trees along the Autobahn. As I had reached my first “High-Alpine-Road” destination late at night at the Rossfeld-Panorama-Road at 1570 m, the clouds took over and the rising Moon got swallowed away. Heading further south the next day, I came across a summit road called Sölkpass (1790 m), which traverses through the same Nature Park. Reaching a parking lot just under the summit at 1750m, I stayed there the whole afternoon and were waiting for what to come. A very serene place, and in retrospect my favorite one from that tour. Heading south-west, I reached a High-Alpine-Road called Nockalm-Höhenstraße, but the weather started to be not that cooperative anymore. While there is no such thing as bad weather, the good thing is that there won’t be to many tourists around as well. The clouds rolled in and out that night, but I had the whole summit at 2040 m that night and the next morning to myself. Next stop at the Malta Hochalmstraße and reaching its endpoint at Kölnbrein Talsperre at some 1900 m, the weather started to get colder and colder. From 22°C down at the valley floor, to 6°C on top in the late afternoon. No chance of getting any nightscapes because of the starting rain, I spent most of the time in my trusty Sprinter. The last and final destination of my travels had not been a High-Alpine-Road like the other days before, but a man-made building on top of a mountain called Pyramidenkogel, south of world-famous Wörthersee. It´s the world tallest wooden tower (100 m) and the 360°-views from above are just breathtaking. Six days of traveling and camping five nights at different places mostly up in the mountains, I got back sound and safe and just have to say thank you Austria for being that friendly and hospitable (as always) and bringing back so many memories. Enjoy!



Big Dipper & Lonesome Tree, Upper Bavaria…



Headlight-tracks & Stars @ Sölkpass, Austria…



Yours truly, Olight SR 95 & Sprinter enjoying the Milkyway @ Nockalmhöhenstraße, Austria…



Kölnbrein dam & Air-walk, Malta Hochalmstraße, Austria…



Wooden tower @ Pyramidenkogel, Austria…


“Life is not happening to you – Life is responding to you.”



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