Another Night Out – With The Polarie

Haven´t used the Vixen Polarie since almost one year now, everything what is needed to use that star tracking device fell into place last night. The high towering MilkyWay, a nice foreground and a starry night two days before New Moon got me going. For the first time since six month, I have spent the whole night out, first catching the MilkyWay and later on waiting for the Crescent Moon to rise over my old home turf. What a night to remember…watching the MilkyWay and Andromeda Galaxy, the conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the Moon, the ISS flying by (with Germany´s own Alexander Gerst), and the change of colors during the different times of twilight in the morning. But most of all: feeling the serenity and silence of the night again, feeling being one with the universe. Like Neville said: ” The world is an ocean of liquid light in countless different states of crystallization.” Enjoy!



Prunn Castle, MilkyWay & Andromeda…



Prunn Castle, MilkyWay & Andromeda, with Canon 1100d (a) and Polarie, with some faint Air Glow…



Crescent Moon rising above my “home” church”…



Crescent Moon rising two days before New Moon…



Venus to the left joining the show…



ISS on the way or how to build a triangle…



Mercury (lower left), Venus (center) and Crescent Moon at the end of nautical twilight…



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