Just came across a song called ´Silenced` by Uniform Choice the other day. Very unusual to their other stuff, this is just a spoken word song. Though not fully understanding the lyrics from the first time hearing, it have sent shivers down my spine, resonating deep down inside of me…here´s the link to the song:

This is probably why I enjoy the night so much – Silence! Enjoy!


When there’s silence 
Friends need not speak 
It’s understood 
Die I would 
And when there’s silence 
Cultures appear as one 
Colors are blurred 
My brother I heard 
When there’s silence 
Meanings all seem clear 
Distractions unknown 
Uniformly alone 
And when there’s silence 
Love has no hurt 
Despair cannot live 
Words take I give 
The sound of no sound 
Is the most deafening of all 
The feeling of no feeling 
Is the most painful of all 
And yet we must endure 
For I do now and forever shall 
Love all things that are real 
Even when… silence is broken


VZ0A5262-650Silence @ Carlo´s Sandblow, Australia, Aug. 2013…




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