Volgograd, Russia: Stills/Video

I did a blog post about my travels to Volgograd some time ago, which you can read here: https://wernerpriller.wordpress.com/2012/10/25/volgograd-russia-the-past-and-the-present-part-one/ . One can´t believe that this city, formerly known as Stalingrad, has been destroyed by 95 % of its origin, and yet, has risen again, thanks to the unbreakable will of its inhabitants. I did this journey in Oct. 2012, honoring my uncle’s death for the 70th anniversary. All the years I thought that WW II has been such a waste of human life. Today,  I know that by giving their lives, they enabled us, the next generation, to live in times without war, for almost 70 years now.  I´m very grateful for that every day. I now know too (and realize), that this journey to Volgograd has been the beginning of my own journey into “within”. The old lady in the red dress had opened, just with a few words, my heart in a way I had experienced only once before. Like on a German documentary about Volgograd, the speaker said: ” To truly understand WW II, you have to come to Volgograd, to see and feel this place.” With this stills/video, I hope I can give you an idea about that. The song is by Metallica, called Nothing Else Matters – HD-button for a higher resolution. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Volgograd, Russia: Stills/Video

  1. Alex Autin

    These are amazing images Werner, I envy you your journey. Great work on the video, and I enjoyed your music selection, it’s one of my favorite songs. 🙂


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