Black Forest Sojourn

Last week, I traveled to Freiburg, some 480 km west from where I´m living, attending a lecture by one of Germany´s most recognized (spiritual) book authors, Robert Betz. While traveling there, I took the chance to visit a lot of often-heard places at the Black Forest, but unfortunately haven´t been there myself so far. You know, since I quit my old job, I got time for what I love doing most, traveling and photography (besides carrying for my family…). First, I sought I would visit the Vosges Mountains in France, bordering onto South-West Germany, but the Black Forest area got so many attractions, that almost time ran out after five days of living out of the car. The stills/video is including places like the Japanese Garden of Freiburg, mountains with funny names like Schauinsland and Hornisgrinde, waterfalls like Todtnau Falls and Allerheiligen Falls, monastery ruins, views over the Rhine valley towards the Vosges Mountains, dramatic sunsets, windswept beech trees, snow at  Feldberg Mt. (highest mountain of the B.F. area), and yes, of course, my beloved night sky. Best of all, almost no tourists around at this time of the year. But with some of them, and that is becoming new to me (not really new, but it is coming back in some sort of way…), I´m getting into interaction. Sometimes just a small talk, sometimes a discussion about life itself or giving a young lady and her dog a lift to a place where I was already heading to. Life is reflecting what you are sending out – if you want it or not…By the way, music is by Nelly Furtado, a fantastic song called “Stars”. Enjoy!

(Press the HD-button for a better resolution if you like…)



“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” (Albert Einstein)

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