Sometimes, Magic Happens…

After touring Sicily for two weeks and having varying weather conditions down there (for night photography…), I found myself back home with best conditions for what I like doing most at nights – shooting stars. Heading out to my new favorite spot after sunset, I set up my gear for doing a startrail image, which I haven´t done since more than half a year now. The gibbous Moon was shining bright behind my back, so I got an hour or two before he would get into my set-up. Earlier, on the way to my spot, I had seen some deer, which are roaming this area frequently, and I “meet” them almost every time I´m out there. After finishing the startrail sequences (before the Moon gets into the image), I packed my stuff and walked uphill through the still leafless beech forest. And than it happened. When I got out of the woods, just before heading down the trail to the right, I spotted two deer, standing some 50 m uphill on a crest, grazing on the field. Wow. I had anticipated such a scene for so many times and now, out of nowhere, it happened! I was so excited that I wasn´t able to find a proper focus to get the shot I was thinking of for so long and for so many times: a deer standing on a crest, on a clear line with no distractions (bushes, trees…), with the stars in the background! Being actually very shy animal, they did let me be around for more than one hour, standing eye to eye,letting me follow them through their grazing around the field. I was so in awe, I got completely lost in time. Sometimes, magic happens….Enjoy!



Startrails & Oak Tree @ Nautical Twilight…



Roebuck, eye to eye, amidst the stars…



Deer “posing” for the watcher;)…


“Your imagination is your preview of life´s coming attractions.” (Albert Einstein)



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