The Moon & Occultation Of A Star

Due to the unexpected cloudless weather on the 11th and 12th Feb. this week, I pulled out my 8″ Meade telescope, which I had not in use since June last year. When I moved from Landshut to Bad Abbach almost two weeks ago, I got a porch to the south, from where I can follow the planets from east to west along the ecliptic. Even better, an occultation of a 3.6 mag bright star of the constellation of Gemini were scheduled for Tuesday. After I had sent that image to , I got notice from Arnold Barmettler, who runs the site, that from my site it has been a “touching” occultation, which means that the star is drifting along the Terminator for some time, which is very rare throughout the year. Unfortunately, I only could  watch the beginning, because draining out of battery power at night. But it has been great looking through the eyepiece again after such a long abstinence. Full Moon will be tomorrow, 14th…Happy Valentine´s Day! Enjoy!



Meade 8″ & Baader Hyperion Zoom, full size, no crop, 02/11/2014, HIP 35350 constellation of Gemini, 3.6.mag…



Meade 8″ & 5DIII, full size, no crop, HIP 35350 at the bottom right…



Almost Full Moon, 02/12/2014…



Moon above Hl.Geist Spittal, Landshut, 02/11/2014…



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