The Smallest Full Moon…

…since more than 1000 years, is visible tonight, because of its farthest distance to the earth. And there won’t be a further away Full Moon until the year 2154! Photographing the Full Moon can be tricky, because of the high range of contrasts. Mostly I take images of the Full Moon a day prior to the “real” Full Moon, when there is still some twilight left, even then, there is a lot of contrast to handle. I got this image on the most popular German-speaking astronomy site ( ) today and I got a lot of response towards it. Also featuring – Jupiter (top left), while the terrestrial counterpart is the nuclear power plant of Niederaichbach, close to Landshut, the capital town of Lower Bavaria.

Like the Moon can´t shine without the sun, your eyes can´t sparkle without your inner light. 

This is what Hatha-Yoga is all about…”Ha” is the sun, “Tha” is the Moon. Your self can´t shine without the light within. Just saying…Enjoy!



Full Moon & Jupiter, 15th Jan. 2014…


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