The Power Of Love

…is a song performed by  legendary “Franky goes to Hollywood” in the early 80´s. Knowing that song since then, it ignited something deep within me hearing it yesterday morning while driving to work. Going through the lyrics on youtube, this song really sums it up ( Love really is the most powerful force in the universe, something I had lost for a very long time, buried deep down within me, burning at the lowest level, almost distinguished. Sometimes you have to make decision that are very though to do, but after that, you will be like new-born. “Expose yourself to your deepest fear – after that…you are free.” (Jim Morrison). How true is that. I had cancelled my trip to Iceland last Friday and I´m happy with that – gotta figure out my life first, exposing/facing my fears first and not running away from them. Last Tuesday, I traveled to Lake Antholz, South Tyrol, where I had been last year for the first time. This time, the lake was frozen and the road was closed due to snow. So I packed my stuff, hiked to a place I knew and camped out there for the night. The ice of the lake was cracking the whole night, sometimes sounding like a gun shot, sometimes like a crashing fright train and sometimes like a singing whale. What an experience. Then next morning, I hiked up the (closed) snow-covered alpine road to the top at the Staller Sattel at 2052 m a.s.l., which marks the border of South Tyrol/Italy and Austria. While enjoying the view and the sun and being so deeply into nature, suddenly everything fell into place and I got all the answers I was looking for, for such a long time now. It felt like being one with everything, being happy for no reason, hugging the whole world for no reason. I felt such a gratitude that moment, I almost thought I´m going to explode. Now, being back home, I´m starting being able to bring back that feeling for no reason, like when doing the dishes, being at work – whatever – the power of love. “Love yourself first – then you can love others. You are your true love”! Enjoy!



Camp @ the lake, pre-dawn with venus belt and earth-shade…



Planet Jupiter above Riesenferner Ridge, Venus Belt are starting to show up…



First light on the ridge…



Five verts pano, Milky Way in the middle…



Trails in comet-mode, starting after moon set, Jupiter in the center…



View from Staller Sattel, 2052 a.s.l., the mountains in the center are 3200-3500 m a.s.l., at the bottom left, Lake Antholz…



Antholz Valley, late afternoon…


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