On Location: Sydney, Australia

Though I´m physically here in Sydney with my family right now, I still can´t believe it! After being here in 1990/91 and 1999/2000, it’s the third time I touched down onto this fantastic country. After my mate Chris from Sydney picked us up from the airport on Friday morning and showed us around the city, we checked in at our hotel and fell asleep immediately. Still jet lagged, we got do some sightseeing yesterday: the Opera House, Darling Harbour, Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Paddington Markets….The people are very laid back and I just love to hear them talking in their unique australian style: buddy, mate, g´day…it almost feels being back home again. What I don´t like is that everything is very expensive; a pizza for 17 Australian dollars? a glass of wine 8.50 ? By tomorrow morning we are going to pick up our camper van and hitting the road to the north. Sydney got some temperature records from up to 24 degrees – don´t forget its winter right now in the southern hemisphere. And heck, yes, the sun and the planets are moving from east to north! Hope the weather will be cooperating tomorrow morning, when the crescent Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are all lining up on the ecliptic and rising behind the Opera House at nautical twilight – fingers crossed! Here are some images from the first day – Opera House, Abstracts and Branches. Enjoy!


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