Leaving PhotoShelter

In September 2011 I have joined Photoshelter to promote my work and to have a professional online gallery for showing and selling my work. I still think it’s a pretty cool tool to have, but since I´m just an amateur and have not made any sales so far (and I don´t want to spend 29,99 USD each month then), it´s the consequence of leaving that platform. I gave it a try for almost two years now, but in the end one have to analyze from time to time if it´s still working, though. I did have some inquiries about selling images, but if no one is willing to pay at least 40 USD for an image with multiple use (print and editorial), it doesn´t make any sense for me either. Google Analytics showed me that I had an average about 6 (!) visitors a day on my photoshelter site. Despite all the SEO stuff they are helping and telling you to do, it doesn´t work that well – except for them; or maybe for some well established names like Art Wolfe. It´s a tough job selling images these days, but since I don´t have to make a living out of it, it´s ok for me. Being a former self-employed cabinet-maker, I know you have to be a least as good in selling than in making your stuff – nothing different in photography, just another craft. Like my Canadian friend Kent used to say: “Same shit – different pile!” (that quote fits for almost everything in life…). If someone of you readers out there got any experiences with selling your stuff (maybe even through photoshelter), please give me a shout. The image below shows my most viewed image on PS, 187 times; it still can be found (among others) here: https://wernerpriller.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/my-favorite-images-of-november-2012/ . Enjoy!


Pre-dawn, Sirius (left), Orion (faint, center), Jupiter (top, right) and Aldebaran (below Jupiter), 17th Nov. 2012, South Tyrol, Italy…



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