Italy: Lago di Garda & Maggiora

Last weekend, my youngest son Jakob, 9, and I, traveled some 760 km down to Maggiora, Italy, (about 80 km west of Milan), to see the FIM Motocross World Championship Grand Prix of Italy. It’s always a great spectacle to see the best riders from all over the world (mostly). On Friday night, after crossing Austria and driving some 460 km, we stopped at the world-famous Lago di Garda, to watch the city lights go on, to watch the setting Moon and finding later on a place to camp in the van for the night with a view over the lake. The next day on midday we arrived at Maggiora, a little town in the Piedmont, where for the weekend the Grand Prix of Italy was being held. Lots of people around from all over Europe, having fun, enjoying the show and partying until the next morning. Its been hot on Saturday, but even hotter on Sunday, when the main races took place. As a former amateur rider, I know what it takes to ride under such conditions, but man, two races, 40 minutes each, at 33°C, takes a lot. Italians own and six times world champion, and currently leader of the MX1 class, Tony Cairoli, let the masses go crazy when he was doing his rounds. We left the ground around 2:00 pm, because of driving about 8 hours solid to get back home before Monday morning, when Jakob had to hit school again. Life is great! Enjoy!


City lights turning on @ Lago di Garda…



Gibbous Moon over the western ridge @ Lago di Garda…



It’s without doubt one of Italy´s finest locations…



Going for a ride – italian style @ Maggiora…



A Mercedes-Benz S 500 limousine, all the way from Latvia (LV), some 2200 km…



Big jumps…



Tony Cairoli (222) in perfect style…



“Need for Speed” – Tony in his element…



Church of Maggiora, and Tony from Sicily flying high…



Let´s get started…



Even women can race! Yes, that´s women!



A fantastic piece of a track @ Maggiora…



What would be a sports event without nice looking girls? The Monster Energy girls giving what the crowd wants…



“Italian breed”…



An estimated crowd of 38000 people…



…along the track…



Filmed from above…



Tony again…



The crowd is cheering the local hero…



On the way back, a stop at the wine fields @ Rovereto, Lago di Garda; notice the roses at the beginning of each wine lane! This is italian style!


“Live the life you have imagined!” (Henry David Thoreau)



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