The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India, Day 5 & 6

Images are from the 5th and 6th day from our tour along the Chadar Trek when we arrived and stayed at the village of Lingshed, way up at  the Zanskar Range. Through the winter month, this area is only reachable by foot along the frozen Zanskar River, which took us four days to get there. The first and third night in Lingshed, we stayed at our guest family, while for the second night, we were accompanied and hosted by different Lamas inside the Monastery complex. This has been some sort of privilege to us, because our guide and organizer Thomas Boehm ( knows the people up there since more than ten years and is supporting them all the time. Again, we have experienced such wonderful people, its hard to find words to express my gratitude towards them – look at them faces and you know what I mean. Enjoy!



Lama Stanzin Chokzin, our host at the monastery…



(Deaf and dumb) elder Lama and novice @ Lingshed Monastey… 



Setting gibbous Moon above the Zanskar Range and the highest located building of Lingshed…



Some sort of “demon beat back”, which are located on every corner of the flat roof of every buddhist building, a remaining of the former Bon religion…



Inside the “tea kitchen”, leading towards the ceremony room…



…where a so-called Puja, a praying ceremony, was held; notice the Dalai Lama portrait on the ceiling; this room is only being used during winter month, because its warmer in there due to the sun’s radiation than in the out of the sun situated, but much more decorated, main ceremony room…



Another elder Lama standing next to the entrance door of the much more decorated “summer only ceremony room”…



Lingshed Monastery @ 3950 m a.s.l….



On the way back to the guesthouse…





“Man ought always to pray and not to faint.”

…´pray` means to give thanks for already having what you desire! (Neville Goddard)



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