The Dolomites, Italy – For The First Time…

I can’t believe it myself, but last year September has been the first time I have been to the Dolomites in northern Italy – to the probably most beautiful “mountain-scape” in the whole world. It’s only a 4-5 hours drive away from where I live and a predicted 4-days high pressure weather period and a New Moon phase was the final trigger to get moving. Arriving there late in the afternoon, I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this place. I had no maps and I did not know where to go first – everything was just amazing. I stood by my car at the highest located parking lot at an elevation of 2320 m, while looking around and waiting for the sun to set, the clouds moved in and within an hour, everything was soaked in. Damn. I went to bed in my car early and was very anxious about what the next morning would bring. But as often, “don´t ask what will I get today, ask what will I be given today.” And in my case, its been one of the most beautiful mornings I have witnessed so far. Only the first five images are from the arrival from that afternoon, all the others are from the next morning and day. The Dolomites are a place of heaven nowadays, but this area has got a dark past as well. During WW I, there has been the fighting line between the Italians and the Austrians/Hungarians, filled with tunnels and emplacements and most of the soldiers on both sides died not of the fightings, but of hunger, the cold and avalanches. The Dolomites are a place with history and a fantastic area for doing outdoors – combining those things with photography – makes an extraordinary experience. Enjoy!



Soldier cemetery  @ “Nasswand”, Toblach…



The Rifugio Auronzo, 2320 m a.s.l. @ the world-famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo Nature Park…



Sunset @ the Gruppo dei Cardini mountains…



Clouds moving in @ sunset…



Obscured Gruppo dei Cardini @ twilight…



A starry morning feat. Venus, Canis Minor, Canis Major, Sirius and Orion (from l.-r.); the clouds above are gone, but the valley is still covered and the lights of the town of Auronzo are shining through @ nautical twilight…



Orion above the Gruppo dei Cardini and the clouds are floating through the valley; the light to right on top of the ridge is the Rifugio G.Lorenzi, 2932 m a.s.l. within the Gruppo del Cristallo Range…



The stars above and the town lights below and the Rifugio Auronzo begins its day…



The lights of Auronzo –  like a space ship sailing through the void…



Morning is coming @ the Rifugio Auronzo…



The lights within…



Floating clouds @ twilight…



…at an elevation of about 2000 m…



First light and floating clouds on the Gruppo del Cristallo…



The so-called Venus Belt or Earth Shade visible over the Gruppo del Cristallo Range (left); this is the area where they filmed the movie “Cliffhanger” feat. Silvester Stallone in 1993…



Man @ work…



Exhausted, but happy after photographing through a fantastic morning…



Can you spot the Rifugio G.Lorenzi @ 2932 m ? Somewhere to the top right…



Take me in…



Hiking trail feat. a lot of tunnels from WW I…



Looking down @ the summit of Sasso di Landro, 2536 m…



Looking towards the Drei-Zinnen-Hütte, the red dot to the upper right…



The Drei-Zinnen-Hütte to the left…



The so-called Blue Hour @ the Gruppo dei Cardini; the Blue Hour marks the time between civilian and nautical twilight, just before the stars become visible…


” Feel happy and grateful for having received such wonderful gifts. Then go your way in peace.”  (Neville)



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