The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India, Day Four

It´s the fourth day on the Chadar Trek and slowly, everything is coming together – still perfect conditions on the trek. After two hours walking, we made a short rest and then reached for the “side-valley”, which leads all the way up towards Lingshed, our main destination, at an elevation of about 3650 m a.s.l., where we stayed for the night at the house of our guest family. More to come…Enjoy!



Posing in-front of a nameless ice fall, standing on solid ice…


A so-called Upper Tangent Arch, a solar halo…



Sheer cliffs, walking on ice and fresh snow on colored rocks…


Our three locals: Tsultrim, Sangay and Tsering…


The team, just before the ascend towards Lingshed…For the a group like us (five tourists), it would be normal to have 10-12 porters; we only had three and thus we have been the attraction along the Chadar Trek…


Along the slopes we go…


 Afternoon light illuminating the ridge of the Zanskar Mountains…



Again, sheer cliffs and colored rocks just before…



…we got first sight of Lingshed – a dream came true!


Cuties of our guest family…


During winter time, only one room is heated, and the five of us and the eight of our guest family still found place in this 3 x 3 m room. Notice the sign in the top right corner, the Swastika, an old sign being formerly/still used by Hinduism and Buddhism, then being used/abused by the Nazis… (


Stanzin Thardod and his daughter – my daddy is the greatest!


Preparing dinner…

 Kitchen and living room @ the guest family – notice the sooty ceiling…(shot at Iso 16000!)

The hospitality and friendliness of our guest family were extraordinary; I´ve never met such nice and gracious people before, even if you might consider them living a poor life, but indeed, they live a very rich (not material speaking) life! Thank you for letting me be a part of this…


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