My Favorite Images Of January 2013

A bit late, but its time again for me to edit my favorite image from every month in order to be ready at the end of the year to participate at Jim Goldstein´s blog project “Best Photos of…” ( # 70). For me, this blog project is about something to learn which images to choose and to edit and in my opinion that´s almost the hardest part of photography, besides selling your stuff. It’s a good learning lesson each month to flip through the images and have a look at them and deciding which ones you think would be cool and select them for a higher goal – to pick the best one from each month at the end of the year and making your personal “Best Of”, then you can  compare them to the ´Best Of` the year before and see what may have changed. My favorites from 2012: . Enjoy!



By the bark beetle devastated fir trees, Bavarian Forest NP, Germany…



On top of Lusen Mt., 1373 m, Bavarian Forest NP, Germany…



Indus Valley @ Leh, Ladakh, India, Himalaya…



Shanti Stupa, Leh, 3650 m a.s.l., Ladakh, India…



Prayer flags and stars, Leh, Ladakh, India…



Stars and camp site @ Chadar Trek, 3250 m a.s.l., Zanskar River, Zanskar, India…



Lunar Halo and yours truly @ the frozen Zanskar River, Zanskar, India…



Rising full Moon illuminating the Zanskar Gorge, Zanskar, India…



Standing on solid ice, watching the stars and hearing the water flowing, Zanskar River, Zanskar, India…



Camp site above the Zanskar River, watching the stars and the rising full Moon, Zanskar, India…



Our crew along the Chadar Trek, for ten days and ten nights…



Elder Lama, Lingshed Monastery, 3950 a.s.l., Lingshed, Zanskar, India…



Startrails, Lusen Mt., Bavarian Forest NP, Germany…



Camp site, Arcturus and Saturn @ Lusen Mt., Bavarian Forest NP, Germany…



Probably the first ever startrails image done on the frozen Zanskar River, Zanskar, India…



Startrails, frozen and dead fir trees @ Lusen Mt., Bavarian Forest NP, Germany…



The second startrails image from the frozen Zanskar River, Zanskar, India…


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ( Walt Disney )



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Images Of January 2013

  1. Alex Autin

    As much as I LOVE astro-photography, I adore images such as the Lunar Halo, Camp site – Arcturus and Saturn, and your brilliant star trails, but there is something about your photograph of the elder Lama which completely blows me away. Maybe it’s the angle, maybe the lighting, or maybe it’s the humanity….

    1. Werner Priller Post author

      Thank you very much, Alex! …bearing in mind that this “guy” is deaf and dumb, looking at his portrait, he reaches my very heart. Being allowed to witness and celebrate a so-called Puja that afternoon (with buddhist monks at 3950 m a.s.l.), that was one of the most intense experiences to me so far…


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