The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India, Day Three

The third day started with a clear sky, but with a cold wind, which blew through the gorge of the frozen Zanskar River. Sometimes I almost wished the spectacular scenery would turn into ´normal` for just an hour or so to get a little break from photographing all the time, which can become quite strenuous while carrying the backpack and not loosing contact with my fellow comrades. After every turn, every bend the river made, either there has been a jaw-dropping scenery or we met other local porters, who were surprised we did not have more than three local porters for our group – 10-12 would have been normal. After a six-hours walk, the hardest thing of the day was to reach the 30 m higher grounded camp-site above the Zanskar River. But the view from there was just breathtaking – the most spectacular place I have spent a night so far. Enjoy!



Along we go the frozen Zanskar River…



Getting water for daily use can become quite dangerous…



Tsering, one of our locals, with the traditional sledge; in the back a group of porters from a different party…



Sangay, my trusty back-up…



Sangay meeting some other porters on their way back…



Walking on ice…



Prayer flags wrapped around a holy tree…



A mystical place amidst the Zanskar Mountains…



Up we go to the camp-site…



Tsering and Sangay gathered some fire wood…



Last light on the nameless mountains of the Zanskar Range…



Camp for the  night…



By the fire…



The first light of the rising full moon touching the snow-covered ridge…



Sirius, Orion, Hyades, Jupiter, Pleiades (from left to right)…



A night to remember…


“Nature is the art of God.”  (Dante Alighieri)

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