Making The Print

Ever considered printing your images but did not know how to do it? Or the image on your screen did not match the output of your printer? Or is monitor calibrating, soft proofing, icc-profiles and stuff like that a closed book to you? And why should I even get my images printed – I bring them to the lab, even if they do not match the colors I had in mind. Yes, that´s been me! I had no idea of all that stuff I have mentioned above, since I came around an e-book by Martin Bailey: . And than the fun started! I calibrated my monitor with the X-rite Color Munki ( , German, Videos English), installed my brand-new Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer (, German) and got some Epson quality paper like the Premium Luster Photo Paper ( , German) . The results are mind-blowing! But why should I do all that, you may ask?! To learn, to develop, to get your stuff seen and to have something you can hang to your wall, physically speaking. Or like RC Concepcion said it on Scott Kelby´s blog: “Hipping your house!” ( ). But what really got me going was listening and watching to the master himself, Art Wolfe! Check this out: . But best thing last: you have the whole thing in your hands, from taking the image to printing and selling it, your bargain.  If you do not honor your work yourself, who else should? Lots of links in this blog, but printing is really something special. Give it a try, but beware, you might get some kind of addicted to it…Enjoy!



Epson Stylus Pro 3880 A2+ and some first prints…



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