The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India, Day Two

The second day of the trek started with some light snow fall, which added some nice color onto the rocks and mountains, and of course, it wasn´t that cold anymore. Walking on so many different types of ice is quite experiencing, and sometimes we had to walk and climb beneath the frozen river due to the lack of support of the ice. Around midday, the weather cleared all up, it got sunny and cold again. After some 15-20 km and 5-6 hours of hiking, with about 17 kg of pack back on our shoulders, we reached our second camp site for the night, another nice hollow. I couldn´t resist to take startrail images that night, which I regretted physically very much the next morning. But looking at the images on the LCD screen that night, I almost freaked out because of the beauty of this place. Day two has been quite spectacular; so stay tuned for the next days – more images to come! Enjoy!



View from the ´lodge` towards the Chadar…



Overcast sky and light snow fall; notice the tiny looking trekkers…



Weather is clearing up and walking on solid ice…



The team, yours truly to the right…



Walking along the riverbank due to to less support of the ice…



Thomas hauling his orange sledge over the rocks…



Walking on solid, frozen ice…



The Zanskar River making its way through the ice; notice the tiny trekkers in front at the gorge…



´Slippery as ice`, pun intended…



Even getting water for cooking was an adventure on its own…



Local porters doing the Chadar…



Mountains without names, during sunset…



The Boys getting tea ready…



Orion, Hyades, Jupiter and Pleiades at the beginning of the night…



Camp site of the second day and reflections on the ice…



The rising full Moon is illuminating the gorge with light like at a sunrise…



The fire of the camp site reflected on the Chadar, while the Moon is illuminating the gorge…



Posing on solid ice, beneath the running water of the Zanskar River…



Startrails over the Zanskar Mountains…



Startrails, ice, running water, mountains, no light pollution, no aircrafts – what better?!


“Freedom lies in being bold!” (Robert Frost, American Poet)


4 thoughts on “The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India, Day Two

  1. Gracie

    Amazing photos! Sounds like one awesome adventure. Love the star trail shots. I can only dream of capturing something similar.

  2. Alex Autin

    These are, of course, exceptionally good Werner. I particularly enjoy the 2 shots of the light of full moon illuminating the gorge. WOW!


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