The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India

Doing the Chadar Trek is probably one of the last adventures one can do nowadays. The word Chadar means something like ´beyond the ice`, and that describes it true, while walking and camping for ten days and ten nights along the frozen Zanskar River. Once you are stepping down from the drop-off spot into the Zanskar Gorge, there is no turning back, you are only hoping for good ice conditions and that the hollows (camp sites) for the nights will be unoccupied when arriving there in the afternoon. The trek started with some minus 15°C and a strong wind chill down at the canyon and some tricky ice and water crossings, using icers, rubber boots and everyone’s most precious tool, a wooden stick. All the images in this post are from the first day/night, so stay tuned for more stuff to follow. Enjoy!



Conjunction of the Zanskar River (left) and the Indus River…



Beautiful rock colors along the way to Chilling…



Along the Zanskar Gorge… 



Huuh, what´s down there…?!



Walking on ice, the start of the Chadar Trek…



Varying ice conditions along the Chadar…,



always be prepared!…



Awesome scenery along the Zanskar Gorge…



Locals hauling their sleds along the Chadar…



The first camp site at a hollow and our locals (the Boys!) preparing dinner…



Dinner place…



View from our hollow towards the Zanskar Mountains…



The gang enjoying dinner and the scenery…



The Boys gathered some rare fire wood…



Our home for the night…



The Boys sitting by the fire,while me enjoying the night sky…



Orion, Hyades, Jupiter, Pleiades (left to right)…



Ice crystals forming a lunar halo, yours truly posing on solid ice…



Just before falling asleep, looking outside the hollow…



Almost everyone is asleep…


“Everyone of us is getting older, which is a natural process. Time is constantly moving on, second by second. Nothing can stop it, but what we can do is use our time properly – that is in our hands. Wether we believe in a spiritual tradition or not, we need to use our time meaningfully. If over days, weeks, month and years, we have used our time in a meaningful way – when our last day comes, we´ll be happy, we´ll have no regrets.”   (Dalai Lama)


6 thoughts on “The Chadar Trek, Zanskar, India

  1. Alex Autin

    Wow Werner, again you amaze me, and you inspire. This is only the 1st day!!?? Wow, I love this series already, and can’t wait for the rest!


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