Hop Fields Of The Hallertau, Bavaria

The largest continuous hop planting area in the world is called “Hallertau”, which is derived from Old High German and means something like “a forest who hides its interior” or “wild/primeval forest”. The description ´..who hides its interior..`  also  fits well to most of the country-side residents of the Hallertau, including myself….a special breed of characters! The area is covering nearly 15 000 hectare and is part of Lower and Upper Bavaria, situated south of the Danube River and in the heart of  Bavaria, Germany, geographically seen. Growing up as a (hop)farmers kid, I know the flow of work and the amount of work involved in doing hops, but that changed a lot in the last 30 years.

These images are also a reminiscence to my “old” home; since I moved to Landshut, the capital of Lower Bavaria, one year ago, I have not been that much around at my former playgrounds. Luckily, from last Sunday on, I got three fantastic nights in a row spending out there in the fields and I enjoyed it very much. Knowing all the places, the back roads, the people and the locations where to photograph, brings back a lot of memories. The silhouettes of the empty fields make a fantastic foreground with the different light conditions. It does not always have to be the far away countries – the beauty lies in front of you! Enjoy!



…reflected in the rear windows of my drive…



Wires hanging loose from the main wires and waiting to be put into ground…



Venus Belt (pink) and Earth Shade (grey, bottom), showing up to the east after sunset…



…while twilight is producing different amazing colors to the west…



Hyades and Pleiades showing up after nautical twilight, including a lot of light pollution at the horizon…



My most ´photogenic` hop field to date at nautical twilight – and some light pollution…



L.-r.: Sirius, Orion, Hyades, Jupiter and Pleiades above the hop fields of the Hallertau…



Centering Orion, you will get horizontal trails along the Galactic Equator…






What better to spend a night out in the fields?…


“If the hops once scratched, he can not let go.” (old saying)


2 thoughts on “Hop Fields Of The Hallertau, Bavaria

  1. Alex Autin

    I’ve simply run out of adjectives to describe your work Werner. I wish I could experience what you do, just once (or maybe twice!!).


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