Monks Of Ladakh & Zanskar

During my recent trip to Ladakh & Zanskar, India, we had the opportunity to visit some of the famous monasteries in that part of northern India. Buddhism is all around, be it stupas, chorten, prayer flags or the red dressed monks walking the streets. Through our tour guide Thomas Boehm, who is friends with some of the lamas, we got admission not only to visit their pujas and have a look into their tea kitchens, where they prepare butter tea for the ceremonies, we could also stay overnight in one of the lama´s room while being in Lingshed. Some of those precious moments I was able to photograph, but only really realizing them while being back at home, processing and looking at the images. I still feel a very deep connection with some of them… Enjoy!


Blog.22.2.13-1Lama Padma, a very pleasant person…our guide Thomas Boehm invited him for dinner at a restaurant in Leh, Ladakh, India…


Blog.22.2.13-2Cans with the traditional butter tea, served during the pujas…Thikse Monastery, Ladakh, India…



Young novice, maybe 6 years old, observing/learning the puja ceremony, Thikse Monastery, Ladakh…


Blog.22.2.13-5Inside the tea kitchen, with our host, Lama Chanzin, while monks sitting and waiting for the butter tea at the puja room, Lingshed Monastery, Lingshed, Zanskar, India…


Blog.22.2.13-4Though being deaf and dumb, this elder Lama got a look I´ll never forget – straight into the soul, Lingshed Monastery, Lingshed, Zanskar, India…


Blog.22.2.13-6Dancing monk at the Likir Monastery Festival, Ladakh, India…


Blog.22.2.13-7Monks playing horn during a ceremony outside the Hemis Monastery, Hemis, Ladakh, India…


From the book “Jesus lived in India”  by Holger Kersten:

“The two manuscripts from which the lama at the monastery of Hemis read aloud to Notovitch (Russian Historian and scholar, 1858-?), selecting all the passages dealing with Jesus, were collections of various Tibetan writings. The originals had been compiled in the old Indian language Pali during the first two centuries AD, and kept in a monastery near Lhasa which was directly affiliated to the Potala Palace of the Dalai Lama.”

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