Bavarian Forest National Park – Lusen Mt.

In order to do some gear-testing and last preparations for my coming trip to Ladakh/India next week, I traveled to the Bavarian Forest National Park, Lower Bavaria, Germany. The weather forecast for this area looked pretty good – in other terms: a starry night to come – the first in almost 8 weeks! Though this NP is only 1 1/2 hours drive away from where I live, I have not been to any of those mountains so far. My chosen destination has been Lusen Mt., 1373 m, which is only a stone´s throw away from the Czech border. The whole area of the NP has been devastated by the bark beetle, starting some 20 years ago and the discussions are still going on whether they should reforest the fir trees or let the nature do its magic – the favors are still for mother nature. And man, what a fantastic location this is – a photographers paradise, very surrealistic. All in all I´ve spent 20 hours at Lusen Mt. which were one of my most intense hours I´ve spent photographing. A perfect place for testing gear, like the Exped air mattress, Mountain Equipment sleeping bag, Lowe Alpine back pack, light-weight clothing and most of all which camera gear I´d bring to Ladakh. Everything depends on weight if you are out on your own – without the back-up of a car. To make a long story short, everything went out well camping at -17°C that night – thanks to the folks at for their help and advice! Want to know something more about Ladakh? Everyone can do it: and give Thomas Boehm a shout. There wont be any posts until the 11th of Feb. – stay tuned.



Devastated fir-tree forest, Bavarian Forest NP, Lower Bavaria, Germany…



Frozen summit cross, Lusen Mt.,…



This is why I went for red gear – and Jupiter above the trees…



Still a bit cloudy, but great scenery…


Blog.15.01.13-3Camp for the night, shot with Canon G1X…



No night without star trails…



Arcturus of Bootes shining bright around 3:30 am…



Camp-site half an hour before sunrise…



Dead fir trees covered with snow and frost…



Forest devastated by the bark beetle or a man-made problem who planted that mono-culture before…



Captive held wolves at the wildlife enclosure…



Exhausted body, but a filled-up soul after a fantastic night, Czech border sign behind…


Have a good one!

6 thoughts on “Bavarian Forest National Park – Lusen Mt.

  1. Alex Autin

    You continue to provide images of things I’ve never even imagined experiencing. Wow! Absolutely fantastic work, and what looked to be an amazing night out.


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