My Favorite Images Of October 2012

It´s November already and  after selling my property in February (home and workshop, and finally getting the money after a six months long-lasting lawsuit), and after the death of my mother in July, things are getting back to normal, well, some sort of. The debts are paid, I got myself some new toys to play with and a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for traveling/cruising around. I´m still able to do what I like to do, with the back-up of my  fantastic wife and family, who are supporting my new “life-style” at 100%. The month of October was under the sign of my journey back into the past – to see the place where one of my uncles had fallen during WW II around Volgograd, former Stalingrad, Russia. Enjoy my favorite picks from October!

Hopfields of the Hallertau, Bavaria, during twilight…

Conjunction of Venus and Regulus…

The Moon and fall colors…

Morning dew all around…

“Mother Russia is calling” statue on Mamayev Kurgan Memorial Site, Volgograd (notice the ´blurred` persons to the left)…

The crescent Moon (the sign of the Islam) setting over the Orthodox Church at the Mamayev Kurgan Memorial Site…

The Orthodox Church with its five spires, representing the five wounds of Jesus Christ; the faint stars to right belong to the constellation of Sagittarius…

The setting Moon over Volgograd, accompanied by planet Mars (below) and the bright star Antares (below to the left)…

The Milky Way is faintly visible over the illuminated statue of “Mother Russia”; some may find the so-called ´Summer Triangle` with the stars: Deneb, Altair and Vega…


“Dreams can become  reality if you are prepared to have a go!” 

(Denis Bartell, Australian Adventurer)



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Images Of October 2012

  1. Alex Autin

    Amazing work, as usual, Werner. For some reason I’m particularly taken by the Mother Russia photographs, though they are ALL brilliant. I’m very glad to read things are going well with your new life-style, this can only mean we’ll get to enjoy more of your work!


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