The Dolomites And The Stars

The Dolomites are – in my opinion – one of the top ten destinations everyone/every photographer should have seen once in his lifetime. I can´t explain why I haven´t been there earlier – it´s just a 6 hours drive away from where I live. First time arriving at the Tre Cime parking area, I have been blown away by the pure grandeur of these mountains. Ever experienced that feeling by arriving at a new location and you want to see all and everything at once, not missing anything? Like where is the best spot for watching the sunset in two hours, in which direction will the MilkyWay show up, the best hiking trail for the next morning…. The adrenalin rushes through your body and you are overwhelmed by the new expressions – because you don´t want to miss a thing. That is what happens with me mostly and I guess that´s the same with you guys out there. But I´ve experienced  a good way to work with that kind of situation: “Don´t ask: What will I get today? Ask: What will I be given today?” This quote has been stated by the great American photographer Minor White, and this sums up everything: “Expect nothing and you will be given.” Just stay at your spot and wait for the things to come; if something is meant to be seen by you, it will show up! I experience those situations more and more and here is one story about this image here: Sunday has been sunny and calm as I made my way from the Austrian Alps over the border to Italy. Arriving at the Tre Cime parking are at 2350 m, its been a fantastic day – so far. But shortly one hour after sunset, the whole area was covered with fog and one couldn´t see what´s in front for the next 10 m. But the next morning, the fog was gone and there was a extend low stratos lying between the valley ground and the parking lot. Couldn´t have been better; I couldn´t even have wished for something like that, though I have wanted to photograph such a situation for a long time. And the best: I was the only one around! That´s been the start for an awesome 3-day-trip around the Tre Cime area. Enjoy!


The stars and the Dolomites above, while the city of Auronzo is covered by fog….


Constellations …


…and names added properly…

A morning to remember!



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