Großglockner Star Trails


Here is a quick update from my recent trip to the Austrian and Italian Alps. Just developed this shot and thought I´d have to share it with you. Never have seen such a dark and clear sky like this one at the 15th Sept. 2012. From my viewpoint at around 2400 m/7870 ft, I had a pretty good view towards Großglockner Mt., Austria´s tallest mountain, reaching 3798 m/12460 ft. The light to the left is the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte, the highest grounded alpine hut around the Eastern Alps at 3454 m/11230 ft, while the Glockner-Wand is towering to the right. Standing in front of the entrances of two small tunnels, which were built for the hikers for safety reasons, its been a bit scary sometimes, hearing the water dripping from the ceilings, but not seeing anything due to the pitch black night. I also tested my new toy, the Vixen Polarie, but those images will come later, as I have first to get PhotoShop and to figure out how to compose the sharp foreground with the sharp background – will see…

This is a 65 min. single shot, f 5.0, Iso 100, Pentax k-x, Pentax 18-55@30 mm, Lightroom 4 only…..more to follow! By clicking at the image, it will lead you to my gallery site to a similar shot (stacked of 7 single shots) with the MilkyWay. Enjoy!


Großglockner Mt. Startrails 




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