Monteriggioni Moonrise, Tuscany

Sometimes I try everything that is possible to get the shot I´m thinking of; like driving kilometers without end, climbing up mountains, setting up three sets of cameras and a telescope….sometimes I get lucky – sometimes not. The image below is an example of how it can also work without any previsualization – it just happens by coming by. When I´m traveling, I´m often thinking about if someone/something is leading my way – the older I get, the more sensitive I become. I´ve come by this small town of Monteriggioni, which is still an intact town with its defense wall and defense towers from the Middle Ages, a couple of times, and the images I´ve got weren´t that great. But that night we traveled back from Siena, which is a fantastic city by the way, we passed this place again way past 11:00 pm, as the gibbous Moon was on the rise. As you might know, it is very difficult to get the bright Moon in a single frame without to overexposure the whole scene. Either the Moon is to bright or the foreground gets to dark. In this image, I stacked two images with different exposures – one for the Moon and one for the foreground. Same focal length, same locality, but different exposures. For processing I only used the software I´m using for the startrails images – StarStax; no Photo Shop at all needed. I blended those two images with StarStax and did some slight developing with Lightroom 3 – that´s it. Sometimes the unexpected is the best. Like the old saying: “Expect nothing and you will be given.” Enjoy!


The gibbous Moon rises over the town of Monteriggioni, Tuscany. (Two images blended…)


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