The Manhattan Skyline Of The Middle Ages

While touring Tuscany with my family recently, we came across a small town  called San Gimignano, which is beautifully located on a hill, somewhere between the more famous cities of Firenze and Siena. They also call the skyline of this town “The Manhattan of the Middle Ages” – and this is more than true. Walking through the alleys up to the old town, the first towers show up and two of them looking like the faded Twin Towers of NYC. There used to be more than 70 of them back in the old days, 15 of them have made it into the Modern Ages. Built by the different dynasties of San Gimignano in the 13 th century, they should represent each families wealth and power, and were used as defense towers as well. Some of them reached an unbelievable height of 70m./~210ft. There are other fascinating sights around Tuscany, like the towns of Volterra, Casole d´Elsa, Colle di Val d´Elsa, Monteriggioni and the ruins of San Galgano, but this town with its skyline is outstanding. I had the chance to photograph it at nighttime and daytime as well (for the displeasure of my family…), but its been worth all the waiting. Italy got such a tremendous amount of culture and lifestyle which makes it hard not to return once in a while. All images (except the last one) are altered with Matt Kloskowski´s preset “Matt´s Sin City-Dark Red”  ( Enjoy!


The skyline of San Gimignano (seen from southwest)…


The “Twin Towers”…


“Twin Towers” and the alley…


Fish-eye view of the towers…


The skyline of San Gimignano at nautical twilight (seen from southeast)…


2 thoughts on “The Manhattan Skyline Of The Middle Ages

  1. Alex Autin

    These are some beautiful shots Werner, well done. I am endlessly amazed by human accomplishments, both the modern as well as these incredible achievements of the 13th century. Fantastic work on your part. I particularly like the fish-eye view, it’s almost dizzying.


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