Free – Finally

After being self-employed as a master cabinet-maker since 1994, I´m free, finally. Free from paying loans and insurances, free from being dependent on banks and customers. From my experience, starting a buisiness is though work, but ending one is even more difficult, not to speak of the ups and downs you going through in that process. It took me two years from closing the  workshop doors to finally selling my whole working equipment, the studio interior and finally the real estate. Besides of taking care of all that stuff (selling) in those two years, I did what I wanted to do for a long time, (but haven´t been able to do because of my duties to keep the “whole thing” running): photographing and traveling! I´ve been to Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, Austria (several times), Italy (s.t.), Switzerland.And of course Germany, to places only 1-3 hours drive away, mostly the Bavarian Alps, where I haven´t been before. Being self employed  means you sacrifice yourself to your work. If there would be enough income for the time you are investing, everything would be cool. But just plain work, having no holidays, having no time for your family, having no time for the things you like to do now – that doesn´t work. Freedom may be a pathetic word, but to me it got a whole new meaning. Being free means to me: being responsible to me and my family but to no one else; doing what I like to do and not what someone is telling me; doing the things I like to do when the time is right and when I´m ready to do it; spending as much time with my family as possible. From 1994 to 2010,  I´ve been far away from that, the last two years were a beginning towards the better, but now, after finally selling my piece of land and the buildings, a whole new area opens up, with possibilities unlimited. The last two years have been pretty though, but believing in your dreams (having faith) makes everything possible.  “Dreams can become reality if you are prepared to go!”  Enjoy!


Sunset over the Bavarian Alps, Watzmann region, Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany…



2 thoughts on “Free – Finally

  1. Alex Autin

    That’s an amazing photograph…and I agree with a lot of your views on ‘freedom’. We all have to seek out what works for us, and what makes us happy. For me, the fewer things I own, the happier I am. Best of luck to you!


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