The Moon: Two Different Views

In Germany, the summers are mostly warm/hot, but also very humid; which means there are not to many days without clouds. Surprisingly, last saturday has been one of those starry nights I admire so much and the Moon was scheduled to rise a quarter past eleven. I was carrying my photo/telescope gear around a Nature Reserve not  far where I´m living, but after a short stroll through the dark, I noticed that a lot of adolescents were also using this area for partying/camping – it´s been saturday night! Shortly I´d found a quiet spot and had set up my gear, the Moon rose behind me and lit up the ground like someone uses a gigantic flashlight or just switched on the head lights – seen and experienced so many times, but always again fascinating.

The first view of the Moon is a mosaic of two vertical images, focal length 3000 mm (Meade 8″/2000 mm * 1.5 APS-C sensor Pentax k-x).

But if the Moon is up, there isn´t to much room for making  “Astronomy Landscape Photography”, because of the extraordinary brightness of the earth´ trabant. Taking advantage of the waning Moon, I placed him right “in focus” of the telescope and the shade of yours truly, caused by the luminosity of the Moon, is remarkable. Completing the image at home with an addendum sums up the other view of the Moon I was lucky to get last night. There is a free software for making an addendum called “Gimp”: .

Adding an addendum has some side effects: it looks way different/better than the original image, and you got yourself a recording what you have witnessed that particular night, or you just can explain your spouse much easier what you were doing/have been the whole night.  Enjoy!


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