The Dyerville Giant – Humboldt Redwoods State Park 1992

While traveling the U.S. with a friend for 6 1/2 month, we also came by at Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Nov. 1992. Knowing of the giant redwood trees of Northern California, we did not expect to witness a fallen one – even less it was supposed to be one of the three tallest trees in the world. Stretching in front of us, longer than a football field, it measured some 362 ft./110 m. in length, 52 ft./16 m. in circumference and 17 ft./5 m. in diameter. The estimated age of this champion is supposed to be somewhere between 1200-2000 years. But no large numbers can describe the feeling by standing next to this giant, which fell on 24th of March, 1991. If you want more information on that, here´s a link to a good read:

The Dyerville Giant, yours truly (bottom), and my friend Armin…

Those cloth-colors were trendy back in the days….

Images are scanned from paper, with minor adjustments in LR 3 only. Shot with a Pentax ME Super; no tripod available, so one of us had to set up the camera somewhere and had to run back in position. In this 26 weeks journey, we did about 1000 images – these days, with the digital revolution, I easily take 500 shots a day – time changes (or the people). Enjoy!


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