The Transit Of Venus 06/06/2012

Not as spectacular as a solar eclipse, but by far the most rare celestial event a human being can view – the transit of Venus in front of the Sun. After the last transit in 2004, there was a gap of 8 years, which happened yesterday, 2012, while the next interval will be 105 years, and then again 8 years, and so on. If you missed it this time (2012) or the last time (2004, like me), you will have to wait until 2117 and 2125….

Preparing for the transit, I watched the weather forecasts and potential places I could go to, but in the morning of the 6th, my only goal was: head to the east as far you can go! The sky was clouded and there has been only a small band of clear sky to the horizon. Arriving at the estimated sunrise time, I only got time to set up my camera and telescope, snapped a few shots and the show was over already after a couple of minutes. Looking at some of the images back home has been very rewarding, though the happening didn´t last long – better than nothing. Enjoy!

Single shot of the Venus Transit, Meade 8″/Pentax k-x, 3000 mm, no crop…

Crop from the shot above…

Artistic version: Composite of two different images with different a focal length and from two different locations…

Until 2117….


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