My Favorite Images Of April 2012

“Astronomy Landscape Photography” has got a big hold on me; can´t believe I did not know any  of the stars and planets one year ago. In April last year, I have bought a Meade 8″ telescope with a LXD 75 equatorial mount and started to watch Saturn and the Moon. In June 2011 I managed to take my first “real” star trails image while being in Italy and a couple of weeks later I shot my first “Moon Trail” of the rising crescent Moon at 4:00 am in the morning. The learing curve is steep and there are still so many different “types” of photography out there like Deep Sky Imaging. The beginning is made…Enjoy!


The crescent Moon over St.Andreas Cathedral, accompanied by the Pleiades…

Moon Trails from the same night like before…

The crescent Moon and Venus along the constellations of Gemini (left) and Auriga (right), and the Hyades (below Moon) and the Pleiades (right below of Moon)…

The crescent Moon between the “horns” of Taurus (the bright dot below left of Moon is Aldebaran, the brightest star of the constellation of Taurus); mosaic of two images…

The star Zet Tau (the “header” of the “lower” horn of the constellation of Taurus) close to the Moon; 21:44 / 21:57 pm; (~50 % crop)

The clouds add a dramatic touch to the scene, while Venus is still very bright shining…

To get the overall view…

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

( Anthony J.D `Angelo )


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