Moon Trail

Besides shooting  star trail images, I like most taking Moon trails, especially with a longer focal length and an interesting landmark. In this case it´s the late-gothic church of Pürkwang/Lower Bavaria/Germany,  from the year 1462, a massive building with a 46 meter high bell tower made of bricks . I´ve been up there inside a couple of times and even one time on top from the outside while the tower has been completely  scaffolded way back in 1988.

Creating a Moon trail isn´t actually that difficult; doing a bit of research via TPE, The Photographers Ephemeris, camera setting onto manual and stacking the image with software like StarStax. The only thing you can´t take control of is the weather; some high clouds have been around yesterday night and also some thick low-lying clouds at the horizon. That affected the different look of the single crescent Moon shots. In this image, I added a preset in Lightroom 3, which you can download for free from “Lightroom guru” Matt Kloskowski: Way cool! Enjoy!

Composite image of eight single shots, with an interval of 4 min. each; lucky enough I got the fourth shot centered of the spire….04/23/2012

“Contrast is what makes photography interesting.”

(Conrad Hall, American Artist, 1926-2003)

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