The Hop Fields Of The Hallertau

The Hallertau is the largest hop-planting area in the world, which covers a continuous area of about 2400 square km and is located in the beautiful Lower Bavaria. That´s where I grew up and still lived until a couple of weeks. When I started shooting digital on a regular basis in 2010, I only shoot them occasionally, not consciously. But with time I realized what a fantastic silhouette these empty hop fields with their poles and wires give. A fore-or background which correspond perfect with the different mood of lights, especially at dusk and then later at nights. My father had spent often some hot summer nights out in the hop fields while watering the hop plants, preventing them from perishing. These days, it´s me spending the nights out in the hop fields, taking “starscapes” or star trail images, and not only when it´s warm.

The message of this story? Get off of  your comfort zone, go out and shoot whatever is out there, get experience, and look out for what is not visible to everyone. Enjoy!

It starts with a slide show, but by clicking on one of thumbnails below, you can view them in a higher resolution…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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