The Place I Grew Up, Part II

In case you have missed my earlier post in January, here´s the link: . What follows now is a recently developed composite image of about 320 single exposures, each 30 sec., stacked with the free software  `starstax`, . After stacking, I uploaded it to Lightroom for further refinements, such as – most important – taking out aircraft tracks (very annoying). All in all, from the set-up to the final image,  it takes about 5-10 hours of “work” to have a nice looking result. By the way, like for every good picture, it´s very important to have a pleasing foreground and a well-balanced composition.

Mostly, I take star trail images without moon shine, but in this image I had the 75 % illuminated Moon in my back which is notable in the bright foreground and the blueish looking sky. Trying something different from time to time. I´ve started taking star trail images last year June and this is about my 40th image; while some of them are still waiting “to be dressed”. With an average of about 250 single exposures for one final star trail image, that will make some 10 000 shots in not only one year just for star trails.

There´s also a nice treat within this image – a meteor or falling star. And this one was a “giant”, considering a focal length of 10 mm with a APS-C sensor (15 mm on a full frame). In the end, it´s a nice reward getting a final image, but you can only master yourself by experience. Enjoy!

“Froschhausen Star Trails”

“Froschhausen” is the field name where “the action” took place…

“Of all things visible, the highest is the heaven of the fixed stars.”

(Nicolaus Copernicus, Polish Scientist, 1473-1543)


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