Celestial Fingers

Last night I was scouting a former military training base, which is just a few kilometers away from where I´m now living. The base had been established in 1937 for practicing with tanks. They expropriated the farmers who lived there for decades and had cultivated it for their needs. Now the military is gone since a couple of years now and nature is going to take this beautiful piece of land back. As I arrived up there late afternoon, I was opting for some nice shots with a starry sky. But not to long after the sun had set, the clouds moved in. Disappointed at that point, I was back on the track to my car as I noticed a sudden change in the sky. The cloud cover lifted suddenly with an amazing display of patterns. The stars, constellations and planets have been visible through the very slow-moving cloud patterns. Actually I was  on my way back home, but I couldn´t resist to watch and photograph the “Celestial Fingers” for another 1,5 hours. Conclusion: be open to everything that comes in your way, even if you opted for something else. Enjoy!



That´s how it started…


Jupiter (bottom center), Venus (above J.), Pleiades (left above V.)…


Cloud patterns, filled with stars – and a planet – Mars (the bright dot in the lower left corner)…


Planet Mars is just below the constellation of Leo (lower left corner), other constellations are: Ursa Major, Auriga and Gemini…


Like the fingers of a hand…


“When we tune in to an especially human way of viewing the landscape powerfully, it resonates with an audience.”
(Galen Rowell, American Photographer, 1940-2002)




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