Atmospheric Phenomenon: Sundogs And Circumzenithal Arc

If you are watching the day sky carefully, there might appear phenomenon you haven´t seen before. Two of them are sundogs and circumzenithal arcs. Searching around the web, there´s a pretty cool site called . Tons of information about all kinds of atmospheric optics. They also got a gallery and a `Image of the Day` running. Once you know that some of them a very rare, one will be looking   to the sky more preciously in the future. Enjoy!


Sundog around my hometown, for more info, this site has it all:


The same like before, just a few minutes later


Sundog over a hopfield – notice the face-like shape on the left


A circumzenithal arc over my hometown, more info here:

and here:


“Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul.”

                           (Rebecca West, Irish author, 1892-1983)

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