Facing The Crescent Of The Moon

They say faith can move mountains but mostly they refuse. Due to the still continuous inversion weather, I had to go again to the alps above 1000 m to get clear skies. The moon is still waning as low as 6.1 % on the 23th and 1.5 % on the 24th of November. Passing the Zugspitze (Germany´s highest mountain 2962 m) on HWY 23 and driving further south to the Fernpaß area (1212 m) in Austria on HWY 187/179, I arrived after dusk at a parking lot called “Zugspitzblick”. Later on I managed to find a trail (in the dark) up through the forest which would lead me to a lookout point towards the “Mieminger Gebirge”, the spot where the moon would rise the next morning. The skies are amazing in the high mountains. While not backlit by the moon, you can find billions and billions of stars. Scouting around at nights is some kind of exciting experience which is hard to beat. The next morning,still in the dark, I hauled all my equipment-some 35 kg-up to that lookout point I´d found yesterday night, put up my gear and waited for the moon to rise. What I was´nt aware of that time, that also Saturn and Mars would´ve been visible too. What a morning-glory! In the afternoon I went further on to the place I´d been before, the “Sudelfeldpaß”,  for watching and photographing the very thin crescent moon at dawn, just 23 hours before new moon. What better to do on my birthday?!  That´s a very rare sight, because the crescent moon rises just one hour before sunrise, during the nautical twilight. You need at least a pair of binoculars to find the crescent of the moon. Well, as said, it´s a rare sight, but for photography it´s rather unspectacular, that´s why I show more images of the crescent moon while it was still “fuller”. All images from the 23th Nov.2011 unlike otherwise titled. Enjoy!


The crescent moon just lurking over the ridge, watched by the stars…


Same like before with addendum-click to enlarge


Half of the crescent moon still covered by the ridge (Meade 8″/Pentax k-x)


“Resting on the ridge…”


“Grinding along the ridge for about 30 minutes…”


View towards the “Mieminger Gebirge”


“Lift off” finally…, the bright part of the moon is lit by the sun, while darker, still visible part is lit by the reflecting light of the earth, called earth shine


Crescent moon with Meade 8″/Pentax k-x – no crop!


The crescent moon between Sonnenspitze 2417 m and Wanning 2417 m


“Working place” at 1410 m along the “Grubigalm” trail


Crescent moon, 24th Nov. 2011, 1.5 % illuminated


Crescent moon, 24th Nov. 2011, 1.5 % illuminated, Meade 8″/Pentax k-x, no crop!


“We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.” (William Hazlitt, English critic, 1778-1830)


2 thoughts on “Facing The Crescent Of The Moon

  1. Wayne Frost

    I really like the first image, Werner. The black line of the mountains against the sky that goes from blue to black and the orb of the moon coming up and all of the stars. Living in an urban area this is a sight (clear, dark skies) I don’t get to see very often.

    1. Werner Priller Post author

      Hi Wayne! Thanks for still being “on board”! We don´t have to many places without light pollution too;
      I think I travelled through the area you are living during my North America journey in 1992/1993, but at that
      time I had no idea about watching or even photographing the night sky….

      Best wishes from Bavaria! Werner


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