The Foothills Of The Bavarian Alps

There was a moon/star occultation predicted on the 16th Nov. at 6:41 am. Due to the temperature inversion for the last couple of days we face nothing but fog where I live (424 m). So what better to do than get up early and drive the 180 km to the south  to some higher elevation. My choice fell to the “Sudelfeldpaß” and the area around Bayrischzell, a small town in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, right on the “Deutsche Alpenstraße” (German Alpine Road). Driving uphill through the fog and facing a starry sky at my estimated point, I was shouting out loud of joy! Putting up my equipment in a hurry, I had only 10 minutes left. I´ve to admit, that the occultation wasn´t that interesting, but all the other stuff that should follow this morning was! Fantastic twilight/dawn colors, fog in the valleys/sun above, a flock of chamois, white frost on the trees, a waning gibbous moon and of course the occultation. Though pretty difficult to photograph but a good point to start with. All in all, a perfect morning for travelling and photographing! And this is what counts (besides health, food, love, 😉 ) Enjoy!


 The star 74 Geminus (right)  just after passing the moon; notice the shade between the bright part of the moon and the star-it varies as it orbits the earth;  the transition line from bright to dark (shade) is called “Terminator” (click for enlargement)


View from Sudelfeldpaß (1123 m)- notice the fog in the valley to lower right


Same view half an hour later…


Made it in time…


A “posing” chamois,  just left from the summit cross


Fog in the valley and clear skies atop


White frost on the trees along “Ursprungtal”


Sun´s just coming over the ridge along “Ursprungtal”


Waning gibbous moon over “Spitzingsee” area


“Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.”  (Plato, Greek philosopher, 427 Bc-347 BC)

2 thoughts on “The Foothills Of The Bavarian Alps

  1. KatiesCameraBlog

    What stunning photos. Love the Moon/Earthshine/Star shot. Amazing. And those landscape shots. And the light in them. Gorgeous. And of course, telescope envy. 🙂 Really good work here.

    1. Werner Priller Post author

      Glad you like them; telescope is a Meade 8″ SC, with a focal distance of 2000 mm. If the sight is good enough I can double it up with a barlow lense to 4000 mm.
      Thanks for stopping by! Werner


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